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Shop for IRELAND World Cup Soccer team jerseys, t-shirts, apparel and gifts. Find IRELAND Futbol official merchandise.

The Ireland National Soccer design features the famous shamrock braided into a historic Celtic sword. These massive weapons were made from iron requiring the warrior use with both hands during battle delivering devastating blows to his opponent. The Celtic culture refers to language, but is often thought of as a representation of the six countries in the United Kingdom, beside England and the most popular being Scotland and Ireland. The shamrock (a species of clover) is the most popular symbol of Ireland and painted into the seams of the Irish football ball, centered in a traditional green battle shield. The official Ireland national team jersey is green with the orange, white and green flag of Ireland.

Get geared up for St. Patrick’s Day this year, with top quality Ireland Soccer kit and merchandise! Whether you’re Irish or Irish-at-heart, at dasportsgear.com we have the perfect gear for you to get into the spirit of this fun and festive day.

Choose from a range of unique, fun designs and wear your emerald green with pride on the 17th March. You might even attract a bit of Irish luck!

Our clothing items are produced through a Die Sublimation and Giclee Printing process to create high-quality shirts, emblazoned with original art prints and hand-crafted one at a time. These pieces carry the bold and stylish signature designs of artist Todd Dawes, and he has carefully crafted each one, so that every item is an original work of art. Our specially designed Ireland Soccer products feature the symbol of a Celtic sword crossed by a braided shamrock. These huge weapons were forged in iron and wielded by warriors during battle. The shamrock, which is a type of clover, is a much-loved and popular symbol of Ireland, and the perfect choice for a St. Patrick’s day celebration!

What products can you choose from?

We have created a special, Ireland Soccer Team collection in honour of this great Irish celebration, and you can find a range of clothing and merchandise to fit the occasion:

· Soccer Shirts

· Soccer Jerseys

· Ladies’ Long Sleeve Tops

· Ladies’ Soccer V-Neck Tees

· Vintage T-Shirts

· iPad and iPhone Cases

· Posters

· License Plates

· Mugs

· Bottle Koozies

… and more!

Our special Ireland Performance Hoodie is the crown jewel of the collection, made of 100% performance polyester fabric and bearing the Celtic Sword emblem on the back. Stylish and warm, this stunning emerald hoodie shows off the iconic shamrock, positioned on the front center chest over a Celtic green pattern, and the inside of the hood is patterned with green and white.

If you’re looking for a great deal, buy an Ireland Soccer Value Pack that includes a stylish shirt, drawstring bag and game, to keep you entertained and properly geared up for St. Patrick’s Day!

Visit our online shop today to order your kit, and deck yourself out in emerald green! http://www.dasportsgear.com/IRELAND-Soccer-Apparel-and-Gifts-s/1856.htm